Abaana – Uganda

This week in Drumbo, we had the privilege of having Scott Baxter from Abaana with us. He shared some stories of the work that is being done to combat poverty in Uganda and also a little of the vision that drives the organisation. We do, of course, have very strong connections with Abaana, having sent teams out in the past, and we are always moved by the way Abaana strives to meets the Ugandan peoples’ needs, not just physically but spiritually too.

New Life Choir

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of hosting 20 Ugandan children from the New Life Choir – a choir made up of kids from the 13 different Abaana primary schools. We had a wonderful night as the kids put on a concert for us – singing, dancing and worshipping together in both English and Ugandan. The New Life Choir were touring for 4 months to promote the work of Abaana and to encourage people in the UK and Ireland to sponsor other children in their schools and communities back home. 

We were delighted to hear that these kids are all doing really well, as they have now returned to Uganda and are studying hard at boarding school. They were so glad to get home and see their families again, and we heard from some of their parents about the positive impact the tour has had on their kids. Through the tour, Abaana were also able to secure over 500 new sponsorships and brought 6 more boys off the streets of the capital city.

Please continue to pray for each of the choir children as they work hard at school. Pray for the staff in Abaana (UK and Uganda) as they start organising a second tour in 2019. And please pray that God would keep blessing the New Life Choir project, so that Abaana can continue sharing Jesus with children who are living in poverty.

New Life Homes

This year, Abaana have been able to take another 6 boys off the streets of Kampala and bring them into their New Life Homes. A team from Drumbo Church built the New Life Homes back in 2007 and they exist as a place for temporary residence as social workers attempt to reunite street kids with their families. There are currently over 30 boys living in the homes. 

Please pray for each of these boys as they adjust to a new way of life, having come off the streets. Pray that they would be receptive to the gospel and would understand the importance of Jesus in their lives. And pray for the social workers who try to track down their family members – pray that reconciliation and resettlement would occur and each of these boys would be able to live the fullest life possible.


We also had one of our own, Laura Maginnis, sharing about her experience with Abaana as part of the youth team this summer. She gave such an emotive account of the impact it had had on her and challenged each of us with her heart and her passion. Teams are such a vital part of Abaana’s work, as they help with building projects, running street outreach programmes and team members come home as the biggest advocates for the work that Abaana is doing in Uganda.

We are delighted to announce that we are planning to send another team to Uganda from Drumbo Church in Easter 2019! If it is something that you may be interested in finding out more about, please do speak to Adrian McLernon, Karen Bovis or William Boreland. Please continue to pray for Abaana’s teams – that they would remain safe, that they would have positive impacts on the children they interact with and that each team member would come home with a changed heart and perspective.

To find out more about the work of Abaana or how you can gogive or pray more specifically, check out their website at www.abaana.org.


Summer Team Feedback

This summer, we have had over 20 different people from our church on short term mission teams – some of those being in Northern Ireland and some being on the other side of the world. They have been feeding back to us about their experiences and their learning points over the last number of weeks and we have had the privilege of being able to listen to their stories and come alongside them in prayer.

For those that missed last Sunday, some of our young people have put together this video to document the impact that their summer teams had on them.

We would love for you to continue to pray for those who were away on summer mission teams (you can find a list of people on our last post), as they try and integrate what they learnt when they were away back into church life and their day-to-day mission field. Chat to them, ask them about their time away, allow them to challenge you with their stories and please keep praying!

As a church, we are looking ahead to potential mission teams over the incoming years to Spain, Laos and Uganda. If you are interested, please do get in touch with us and register your interest.

Summer Prayer Calendar

This summer, many different members of our congregation are taking part in missions, both at home and overseas. As a church, we want to be covering them in prayer and interceding on their behalf. Join with us as we bring each of them before God and pray expectantly for what He will do through them this summer!

Summer Prayer Calendar

Prayer points:

  • Pray for the spiritual preparation and development of each team
  • Pray for health, safety and travel for every team member
  • Pray for the Spirit to open blinded eyes and that unbelievers would see Christ in all His glory
  • Pray for the spiritual development, strength and growth of partner churches and missions that the teams will work with
  • Pray for the flexibility of the mission teams
  • Pray for the financial support of the mission teams

Acts 13:47 – For this is what the Lord has commanded us: “I have made you a light to the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Asialink – Laos and Nepal

This week in Drumbo, we had the amazing privilege of hearing from Gordon Stewart and Stephen Houston about the ongoing work of Asialink in both Laos and Nepal. Every time Gordon comes and shares with us, we are moved by his heart for the unreached people of Asia and are stirred by the stories he shares about ordinary people with extraordinary faith. It is our hope that, as a church, we would respond to what we have heard, particularly in prayer.


As one of the few remaining Communist countries, freedom of worship is still non-existent in Laos. The population is primarily Buddhist but with 138 tribes speaking over 90 languages, it has been a country that has often been considered too ‘difficult’ for missionaries to invest in. Asialink need partners to pray for the work they are carrying out:

  • Asialink are involved in supporting and training over 150 Lao evangelists and church planters – in the face of persecution, these Lao people are passionate about bringing the Good News to their own communities. Pray for encouragement as they come together to study God’s Word and for protection as they evangelise and distribute materials.
  • Asialink have been helping girls as young as 7 years old escape a life of trafficking and prostitution – the Salt and Light Project rescues young girls from the sex trade and restores their dignity, offering them a refuge where they can learn about Jesus, receive an education and learn new skills. Pray for the team as they minister to the girls, on the streets and in the homes after they have been rescued.
  • The country of Laos is a very difficult place to be a Christian – the church have suffered greatly and persecution of Christians is on the rise. Pray for an increased freedom to worship, witness and church plant. Pray for encouragement for those who practice their faith underground or those who face persecution every day.

For more information on how you can pray for the church in Laos, please click here.


Nepal has over 29 million people made up of approximately 250 different people groups. 239 of these groups still remain unreached with the Gospel.

One Nepali evangelist is called Bishnu. He is Nepali to the core and understands better than most how to best introduce the Good News in so complex a country. Bishnu travels across remote areas of the Himalayan Mountains to spread the good news of the Gospel to those who have never heard it before. This is part of Asialink’s Beautiful Feet Project. He’s treading on his own turf though, speaking his own language, interacting in his own way, within his own cultural norms. Because of this, he is effective.

  • Please pray for Bishnu with the challenges he faces doing this work. Currently his vehicle is very unreliable and often breaks down  – please pray that a new vehicle will be provided soon.
  • Bishnu is often met with opposition in the villages he visits and preaches in – pray that people’s hearts would be open to the life changing message he brings.
  • Pray that there would be more Bishnus at work in Nepal.

For more information on how you can pray for the church in Nepal, please click here.

To find out more about the work of Asialink or how you can go, give or pray more specifically, check out their website at www.asialink.org.

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